The first step in a smooth, successful, year end 1099 reporting process, is to make sure you have the required W9 form from all the Independent Contractors that you do business with.

Then you need to make sure you have them setup correctly in your software.

Then you need to Reconcile your 1099 Amounts

Payment History Report: Use Payment History Report to print checks, electronic payments, and wire transfer payments in history by number and vendor. This report prints a listing of all invoices paid with a particular check, electronic payment, wire transfer, or credit card. You can enter a selection of vendor numbers, vendor names, bank codes, and dates to obtain a report with pertinent transactions. Invoices paid with a credit card display CC Payment as the check type on the report.  For more details on reconciling, click How to Reconcile 1099 Vendor Amounts

Now you are ready to Print and/or eFile 1099/1096 forms

  1. Open Accounts Payable, Reports, Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting
  2. In the Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting window, in Form to Use field, select New
  3. In the Form Type field, select one of the following form types to use:
    • Dividend
    • Interest
    • Miscellaneous
  4. Select the Vendor Type
  5. Select the 1099 Calendar Year
  6. Enter the Minimum YTD Payment for vendors with year-to-date payments equal to or greater than the amount entered.
  7. Verify that the Company information is correct in the Company Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code, Federal ID No., Telephone, and Fax fields
  8. Click Accept If the form selected is already processed:
    1. If the form type selected is already processed for the calendar year selected, the “A 1099 History file was found”message dialog box appears. Perform one of the following:
      • To edit the forms already processed, select Open the History File and click OK.
        Proceed to step 9 below.
      • To override and reprocess the forms, select Disregard the History File and click OK.
        Proceed to the next step.

    If the form selected was previously saved with incomplete information:

    If the form type selected was saved with incomplete information, the “Work in-progress Draft file has been detected”message dialog box appears.

    Perform one of the following:

    • To complete the form saved, select Continue working with the Draft file and click Next.
      Proceed to step 10 below.
    • To enter a new form, select Start working on a new file and click Next.
       Proceed through the following steps
  9. The 1099 Wizard appears. Click Next
  10. On the Checklistpage, select the Print Checklist button to print a list of steps to use when verifying information on the 1099. Click Finish to continue.
  11. In the W2/1099 Preparerwindow, follow the steps to complete the form. For more information, see the W2/1099 Preparer Help system.
  12. Once you have completed reviewing all the information in the 1099 recipient grid and have passed all the error checking you are ready to begin preparing for the processing of your 1099s.
  13. The printing and processing screen is where you decide how you want to process your 1099 forms (i.e. print, eFile or a combination of both). There are two main options in the pricing and processing screen:
    • Complete eFile Service
    • Other Options
  14.  The FormsViewer will display the forms based on the options you selected in the print options dialog. The Federal 1099 forms will display as the first step in the FormsViewer for you to print, once you click next step the Federal Form 1096 will display.

Note: If you are prompted to install a mandatory or an optional update, click Yes and then follow the on-screen instructions. You must install mandatory updates to continue processing, and you must install Automatic updates to maintain current forms and programs.


The following 1099 forms must be printed on pre-printed forms with Red ink (these forms can be ordered from Sage Forms division):

    • Federal 1099 COPY A
    • Federal 1096


For more information on 1099 reporting and link to IRS info, read this Blog Article.

To visit the Sage Year End center, click Here

As always, if you need help with the software setup or generating these required tax forms, contact us at 760-722-6839 or, to schedule an appointment.