What is Happening? 

To comply with password protection requirements going into effect July 1, 2010, anyone using Merchant Service-enabled QuickBooks files must download the June 2010 update.  Without this update, you will NOT be able to open any company files that use Merchant Services, if they do not have “Customer Credit Card Protection” enabled.


Effective July 1, 2010, all merchants accepting credit cards using QuickBooks 2010 must adhere to new, stricter password protection requirements.  Those requirements mean merchants must enable ‘complex passwords in order to process credit card payments in QuickBooks.  A complex password is simply a password that has at least 7 characters and includes at least 1 number and 1 uppercase letter.  Complex passwords must also be changed every 90 days.  In early June, 2010 an update to QuickBooks 2010 was made available that complies with these new security standards. It requires administrators and users of Merchant-Service-enabled QuickBooks accounts to have complex passwords – which will make you compliant with the new PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standards) requirements.

Detailed Instructions  Estimated time: 30 minutes 

Download the QuickBooks update and enable “Customer Credit Card Protection.”

Note: Only administrators can perform these steps.

1. Open QuickBooks

2. Choose Company -> Customer Credit Card Protection

3. In the Customer Credit Card Protection dialog choose Enable Protection

4. In the Customer Credit Card Protection Setup dialog specify / confirm a complex password and challenge question and select OK.

It’s that easy and it ensures you’re compliant with the new PA-DSS requirements.