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Indispensable Information: QuickBooks Online Reports

The smartest business decisions result from customizing and creating frequent reports in QuickBooks Online. Day after day, you build your company file in QuickBooks Online. You create invoices and purchase orders. Record payments and complete contact and item records. Process payroll and submit payroll taxes. Receive inventory and pay bills and nurture relationships with customers [...]

Did You Resolve to Start Using QuickBooks Online in 2015?

Here’s an overview of the home page and what you can access from there. Many companies have been hesitant to trust their financial data – and that of their customers and vendors – to the internet, despite the fact that solution providers have built sophisticated security systems for this critical information. But you’ve decided that [...]

Paying Bills in QuickBooks Online: 2 Steps

If you’re used to opening an envelope, writing a check and mailing your payment, you’ll find bill-paying easier and faster in QuickBooks Online. If you’re paying bills manually, this is probably one of your least favorite accounting chores. First, you know that you’re sending money away. And second, the process is tedious. Further, how do [...]

Month End and Year End Checklists

Part One: Closing Your Books at Month-End If you ordinarily perform month-end closing activities you may have already completed the following tasks. Otherwise, please review this list before moving on to “Part Two: Closing Your Books at Year-End.” Adjustments _        Automatic payments (bank drafts and adjustments) _        Transactions not yet entered:  invoices, bills, sales commissions and [...]