Our long-term relationships are key.

At T.E.A.M. AdvantEdge we make it our mission to advise our clients all the way up their ladder of success. We consider it a job well done, when our clients tell us their success stories and we celebrate each and every one of their successes with them.

It is so rewarding when our clients refer us to friends, family and other business acquaintances! And It speaks volumes to us, when they are willing to put, in writing, how they feel about our contribution to their successes.

Below you will find some of those client’s remarks and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their kind words.

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AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions Testimonials

Free Flight Logo

“We are very pleased with our on-going experiences with AdvantEdge. As a non-profit organization, we do not have a large budget for additional services. However, the staff at AvantEdge were happy to work with us so that we could find an accounting plan that best fit our needs. Utilizing Uplink to upload and transfer documents securely to them is extremely simple! After familiarizing themselves with our record-keeping style, everything has functioned seamlessly. We highly recommend AdvantEdge to other organizations who might need a more flexible option when it comes to their accounting. Thank you!”

– Mary Struble, Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Cee Hydrosystems Logo
“We were happy to receive a thorough explanation of the options, advice and recommendations about how to set up our QuickBooks software and also how best to organize the interaction between our company and the AdvantEdge service in terms of file sharing. There was no agenda being pushed, and I was quite confident that the goal was to determine the best approach for our particular situation. With an inexperienced QuickBooks user doing the accounts, software tips were passed on to allow us to operate more efficiently and this training added significant value to the overall service.

In terms of service we receive, periodically our accounts are reviewed and suggestions are made to correct errors and keep our books in good order.

We are an on-going client and even though we do not call for much in the way of services at the moment we are made to feel like our business is appreciated and we are important. We never have to wait long for an answer to any questions. We will be happy to continue using AdvantEdge, likely to a greater extent.

We highly recommended AdvantEdge. They give concise, professional and effective advice and accounting services, delivered with a helpful manner and great attitude as a service-provider.”

– Adrian McDonald, Vice President, Cee Hydrosystems


We have been able to expand our knowledge and use of the QuickBooks system with the assistance of the wonderful ladies at AdvantEdge.  We plan to continue our growth and knowledge with their expert assistance.

The ladies with AdvantEdge answer questions when I have them and are a great source of information about managing the financial side of my business.  They even fix my mistakes when I enter something wrong in QuickBooks. They are great and I do not hesitate to recommend them to other small businesses.”

– Fernanda Caprano, Owner, Cookies Con Amore

RA5 Logo
“Ruth and AdvantEdge helped get my small business up and running on Quickbooks very quickly.  I’m extremely satisfied with their work and continued support whenever I need it.  They are quick to respond and they work fast as well.  Ruth has been a real pleasure to work with and always seems to have immediate answers to my questions.  I recommend AdvantEdge and Ruth to anyone who has accounting needs.”

– Thad Hutton, Operating Executive, RA5 Foundation

Greatsoil Logo
“Our company is growing and we needed better and more timely support to track our profitability and keep better records of our assets. Mary cleaned up our existing QuickBooks files and now provides monthly reporting for profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet – something we have not been able to do for 6 years! The staff at AdvantEdge are knowledgeable and friendly as well and it is a pleasure having them do work for us.”

Graeme J. Fairlie, Greatsoil LLC dba Peirano Topsoils

Bounce Logo “Jodi is a rockstar. If you want someone that knows accounting, knows QuickBooks, and knows how to smack your financials into shape – she is the best!!!”

– James Hedgecock, Bounce Composites, LLC.

Registry Logo
“Registry Network has worked with Jodi and AdvantEdge since 2010.  We can’t thank her adequately enough for her expert assistance and the jams she has gotten us out of with both software and  accounting issues.  AdvantEdge is the perfect economic collaboration for any small business without in-house IT and CPA staff.”

– Dana Hasler, Registry Network

ADG Logo“Aquatic Design Group began a relationship with AdvantEdge in 2010 upon the referral of our long time CPA.  Our main objective was to support existing administrative staff, tighten up accounting procedures, and add a layer of checks and balances to our current practices. We have found Jodi (and our assigned bookkeeper Mary) to be reliable, knowledgeable and accommodating.   Jodi was able to shave hours off our monthly invoicing procedures by recognizing and resolving a flaw in our Quickbooks/BillQuick software integration.  AdvantEdge currently provides monthly, quarterly and annual review of our files.”

Scott Ferrell, CEO, Aquatic Design Group

Omnitek Logo

“My former company found Jodi and AdvantEdge years ago, after our first Sage service provider could not get the job done.  Lucky for us, Jodi was on point in both her technical software expertise and strong financial background.  She was a tremendous help finalizing our project and getting operations up and running again.  When my new company needed to be upgraded from a 12 year old product, I knew exactly who to call.  It was such a pleasure working with Jodi from the beginning this time, and our project rolled out on time and ran extremely smoothly.  I can’t recommend Jodi highly enough!”

–Alicia Rolfe, CFO, Omnitek Engineering, Corp.

SUP Logo“Last year our company began to implement an inventory system to track our products.  We originally started with a consultant that set up the items list and essentially got the ball rolling. Unfortunately, the system was only partially setup and a plan for future items was not considered. As a QuickBooks rookie I struggled to make sense of this new task and was quickly frustrated at my lack of experience & also by the fact that the setup was not done properly.  One of our vendors recommended Jodi and the rest is history!  After several extremely challenging visits, I’m sure she would agree, Jodi was able to un-do, clean up, set-up and empower me to take over this task.  I can actually say I enjoy doing the inventory part of my job and understand it well. On the occasion that I have a question it’s been so helpful to have the ability to either text or email someone that gets back to me with a concise answer so that I’m not in limbo waiting to do a particular task. I recently attended a seminar on QuickBooks to improve my skills using the software.  Not only did I find that the class was too remedial for my needs, thanks to Jodi’s mentoring, but I referred several participants to AdvantEdge.”

– Kim Friedman, SUPThinkTank

“AdvantEdge Accounting started helping us in July 2003 step-by-step with our QuickBooks payroll and accounting problems and we still continue to call Jodi whenever we have a need 12 years later in 2015.”

Bill & Eileen Cox, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

“AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions helped to put us on the right track to get our QuickBooks accounting systems in place”

 – Pamela Gort, EDGE Consulting Group

“AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions helped us get accurate Profit & Loss statements from our business “

Suzanne Audiss, Sandler Sales Institute

“Ruth and the AdvantEdge team have been crucial for our start-up business. From brainstorming and planning sessions during implementation, to managing day-to-day business, to problem solving, we couldn’t run a business without them as a trusted resource. Ruth is always responsive and accommodating for an email, phone chat, or a in-person meeting. I highly recommend AdvantEdge for any business accounting needs. “

– Anna Goldberg, Director of Operations, Journey Brands LLC

Area Amusements Logo

“Working with AdvantEdge was fantastic. Jodi has a wealth of knowledge in accounting and bookkeeping practices, as well as her immense understanding of the QuickBooks program itself. She explains her thoughts and recommendations using real life situations so they are easily understood. Roz is my direct specialist. She also has an incredible knowledge of both the program and accounting/bookkeeping. Roz is great to work with. She is always showing me different ways to do things that eliminate unnecessary steps. She is a great communicator and training partner. She is very patient and willing to work with any situation that arises.

After my initial clean up and basic training, AdvantEdge will continue to monitor my books on a monthly basis and be available for any questions or problems that may come up.

This company is professional, personable, efficient and cost effective. I wish they were tax accountants!”

Lynn Endres, Area Amusements

Redback Logo“We have utilized Jodi’s services since 2009 for all our accounting/bookkeeping and software consulting and training needs. It is always a pleasure to work with Jodi because she understands how an accountant thinks and when you want to a request for a report she knows exactly what you mean and how to get the info out of the software for you. She is smart and efficient and doesn’t waste time fixing a problem. She gets it done and then you are back up and running usually in a matter of minutes! I would recommend Jodi to a friend because I have worked with her for many years. I trust her. She is reliable. She understands the panic of having a problem with your system or being nervous when its time to upgrade. She makes it all seamless. She has a vast source of knowledge when it comes to MAS or QuickBooks and anything relating to your accounting functions.”

Paula Washburn, Redback Boots USA

Benchmark Logo


“I can’t thank Jodi enough for everything she have done to assist Benchmark Transitions with our accounting needs! Jodi has gone above and beyond traditional accounting and bookkeeping services and helped us at a personal level to strengthen our financial situation. Her on-going support, caring compassionate nature and personal investment to always be there when we need her continues to be admired by the Benchmark Team.”

Dana Drury, CFO, Benchmark Transitions

“I have used AdvantEdge for over 3 years with various clients of mine. AdvantEdge is still with each client I introduced them too. This speaks volumes of their ability and success. Jodi and her team are excellent and easy to work with.”

John Pironti, Coastal Surgeons.

“Jodi Ryan and her staff are the golden ticket!  We faced major challenges with our inventory and with Jodi’s background in accounting and software implementation she made reaching our goals attainable.  She has the ability to clearly understand what our needs are and with her guidance and training she put us on the right track.  Jodi never makes you feel rushed and takes the time to do a thorough, detailed job.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, professional consultant and we will continue to use her talents as our consultant.”

Curtis Drilling Logo
When we decided to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise to implement enhanced payroll services, we researched the QuickBooks ProAdvisor site and chose AdvantEdge. They are extremely knowledgeable with QuickBooks, continuously displaying their expertise with the software, and have assisted training our organization since 2013. Jodi and her team are dedicated, passionate about customer support, and awesome to work with…Five Stars!”

– Rick Long, CFO, Curtis Drilling

ONEs Starburst logo 2
“AdvantEdge provides not only accounting/bookkeeping expertise, but offers excellent customer service. The team is very personable and works hard to meet the needs of their individual clients. The fact that Mary Giles has taken the time to learn Donor Perfect (our nonprofit donor management system) in order to process our receivables has been so extremely helpful.  When I work with Mary, I’m always grateful to have her on our team.”

Market by Numbers Logo
“When you’re trying to grow a business, you’re always concerned about the numbers. But you can’t afford to waste time and energy worrying whether the books are done right. That’s AdvantEdge’s job. Jodi took our complicated business and eliminated the worry so I can concentrate on providing value to my customers.”

– Brant Cooper, Founder, Market By Numbers

LWE Logo
“AdvantEdge impressed our company from the very beginning with their attention to detail. They asked pertinent questions about the way our business runs with a view to fine-tuning what our needs and goals are concerning bookkeeping. I highly recommended them.”

– Priscilla Stephan, Living World Entertainment

“Ten years ago, Jodi helped me change our company’s fragmented accounting system to QuickBooks.  She also helped me add a scheduling program that works seamlessly with QuickBooks.  Our company’s bookkeeping and scheduling became much more organized and productivity was increased.  Since then she has helped me update to the newest version of QuickBooks every three years. Jodi usually helps me  a few times a year to get our books ready for our CPA.  She helps me take care of the accounting that as a self-trained bookkeeper I do not know how to do.  When I submit my information to my CPA I am confident that it is done correctly because Jodi has reviewed it with me. She is amazing with the knowledge that she has not only of accounting but of the software, too.  It is a pleasure to work with Jodi and I highly recommend her and AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions.”

– Hilary Ridgway, Plant-Tek, Inc.

“AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions helped us to get our QuickBooks fine-tuned so that we could manage our business”

Cliff Kaiser, Kaiser & Associates

“AdvantEdge Accounting took time to understand our business. That understanding made a good fit with our business operations.” – 

Michelle Bergquist, The Corporate Basket

“AdvantEdge Accounting Solutions made tracking the numbers very easy…integrating payroll and construction job-costing with our QuickBooks Premier, Contractors Edition.” – 

Norman Kramer, Oakwood Remodeling & Construction, Inc.


I just wanted to let you know that working with Roz has been wonderful. She is very kind and easy to work with. She is so gentle and patient with me, and that is not easy! I have worked with many bookkeepers over the years and Roz is so very good! Please feel free to use me as a reference. And, I really appreciate you spending so much time with me on the first call. You didn’t charge me and that will not be forgotten.

Personal regards”

– David Griggs, Owner, Griggs Enterprises

“If you want to assess your current office needs, call AdvantEdge and ask for Ruth Stewart.  She is multi-talented and fast so your priorities are handled effectively and efficiently. I am an on-going client and will continue to request Ruth’s services.  She is pleasant, flexible and very professional. Ruth has done a marvelous job doing accounting, bookkeeping, filing, training and organization of paperwork.”

– Pam V.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jodi Coppens as our MAS90 implementation consultant for the past four months. She is organized, efficient, knowledgeable, and well liked by the employees at Promicro Systems. Jodi’s background in accounting was extremely beneficial in the implementation of MAS90. Her insight and knowledge helped us make the right decisions to set up MAS90 properly. An important aspect of Jodi’s role is to listen and learn the needs of Promicro’s employees and how we do our business and Jodi did just that. She is a good listener and teacher.” 

Flo Blackstone, Promicro Systems

“Here at Apical Industries, Inc., our consultant, Jodi Coppens did the MAS90 implementation and staff training, over a period of several months. She brought the training to our staff and customized it to the needs of our company and employees by using ‘Apical data’ and really learning our business, in order to give the best guidance to the staff on how to use the MAS90 software to enhance their job performance. With her extensive ‘end user’ background and subsequent professional training, Jodi is proficient in teaching and answering questions thoroughly on the MAS90 software and she makes sure that you understand the answer. She really cares about her clients and it shows every time they see her.”

David Parrot, Apical Industries Inc.

“It was so refreshing to sit with you while going over my QuickBooks. You are truly a qualified professional and I do appreciate your time.”

Rosemarie Miller, American Glass & Mirror

“Jodi is an intelligent, hard-working individual with many talents including, being highly self-motivated, imaginative, a great ability to communicate with a great deal of self-confidence. As the Controller of The Supply Group Inc., she was a well-respected leader of the company. Always willing to take on new tasks and complete them in a timely manner.”

Ken Mintz, The Supply Group, August 2002
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