CTRL+M Memorize Item
CTRL+T Bring up Memorized Transaction List
CTRL+A Show Account List
CTRL+R Open Register
CTRL+Q Quick Report on highlighted list element
CTRL+D Delete
CTRL+I Create Invoice
CTRL+W Write Check
CTRL+1 or F2 Show Product Information Screen
CTRL+DELETE Deletes the selected line from a transaction
CTRL+INSERT Insert a blank line in selected area of a transaction
ALT+? Press any “button” with ALT + the letter that is underlined … Example: ALT+S = Save & New
ALT+F4 Closes the QuickBooks software
About that DATE field:  Navigate your calendar with ease

QuickBooks assumes the current year, so typing just the 2 numbers for the

month and the 2 numbers for the day will default the year.
ALT+DownArrow Show Calendar
+ Next Day
Previous Day
T Today
W First Day of the Week
K Last Day of the Week
M First Day of the Month
H Last Day of the Month
Y First Day of the Year
R Last Day of the Year

About those LIST fields …

  • Typing the first letter(s) in any field with a drop down will take you to
    the first occurrence of that/those letter(s).
  • Typing the same letter again will take you to the next, etc.
  • and Enter will auto fill the field with that selection.
Standard Windows Shortcuts that work in QuickBooks:
  • CTRL+C  Copy
  • CTRL+X  Cut
  • CTRL+V  Paste
  • CTRL+F  Find